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How To Delete A File or Folder That Won’t Delete?

I am going to explain How to delete a file or folder that won’t delete.

1. Open the run from start menu and type the “cmd” Without quote.
2. Then type the path of the folder in cmd prompt (ex.”cd /d C:\Users\\Desktop\” without quote.
3. Next we need to know the folder name so type the following cmd in cmd prompt “dir /x” without quote.
4. Then it will show a list of folders names and files names.
5. Then type a following cmd in cmd prompt “rmdir /q /s foldername” without quote.
6. Press enter the folder will be deleted.

Note:- Please follow the screenshot for your understand.


How to delete a file or folder that won’t delete

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“NTLDR is Missing” for Win XP

If you get the “NTLDR is Missing” error, follow these instructions:

1. Load Windows XP CD into CD drive.
2. Make sure BIOS is set to boot to CD drive.
3. Boot the computer from CD.
4. At menu, press “R” to load Recovery Console.
5. Select the installation to be fixed.
*The following instructions assume CD-ROM is labeled as drive E and the hard drive partition the windows installation is on is labeled as drive C. Replace the letters accordingly.
6. Type “COPY E:\i386\ntldr C:\” and press ENTER.
7. Type “COPY E:\i386\ C:\” and press ENTER.
8. Remove CD and type “EXIT” and press ENTER (to reboot your computer).

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