Clash of Clans Game Request:

09 Mar


Founded in January 2015, Dino Hunter is a war clan. Dino Hunter is the home to some of the finest Clashers from various countries, and we’re always looking for new genuine players who share the same enthusiasm as the Martians.


No Rushed Bases
We expect every member of Dino Hunter to max out everything before upgrading their Town Hall. Not upgrading even a single troop or wall is considered rushing.

Upgrade Protocol
We expect all our members to strictly follow our upgrade protocol, as it helps us to keep the overall war weight low. We expect you to upgrade everything in order, and putting more than one builder on defenses is strictly prohibited.

War Participation
Before you can join clan wars, we require you to show different war attacks in friendly challenges. We expect every new player to opt-in and be ready for clan wars.

Use ClashTrack
We use ClashTrack to avoid clashes on battle day. A new code is generated and sent in clan mail before every war. Every player must go to with that code and enter their name against the number of base they are going to attack. Each call lasts for 2 hours, that gives each player 2 hours to plan and execute their attack. A player is only allowed to have one active call at a time.

Timely Raids
We follow the bottom to top approach on battle day. All TH7s should use both of their war raids within first 4 hours. All TH8s air-attackers should finish their raids within first 8 hours, and the rest of the TH9 players should get in their attacks within first 12 hours of war.

No Loot Attacks
Loot attacks are banned in clan wars. If all your opponents are 3-starred, we expect you to practice war attacks using different combinations instead of attacking higher Town Hall for loot.



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