How to clear windows server backup history?

19 Dec

Windows Server Backup is the built-in tool in Windows Server 2008/R2 that allows you to backup and restore files, folders, and critical system data such as the System State, entire volumes and even the full server itself.

After using it, Windows Server Backup will begin to display a log of recent backup and restore operations. This log allows the administrator to keep track of what backup and restore operations were taken on that server, and may be quite useful especially when having many people dealing with your servers.

While useful, sometimes one might want to delete or clear that list of log entries. Strangely, there’s no obvious place, button, command or checkbox you can use to clear that log.

After some digging, we found a workaround.

Clearing Windows Server Event Log

To clear the event log:

  1. Open Event Viewer from the Administrative Tools folder.

  2. Go to Applications and Services Logs.

  3. Expand Microsoft > Windows > Backup.

  4. Right click on the Operational Channel log and choose Save and Clear or just Clear in case you don’t want to save the existing log (we suggest you save the logs before clearing for any future reference).



Now, if you open Windows Server Backup, you’ll see that the log is empty.


Clearing Windows Server Backup Status Catalog

Use this below command in PowerShell.

wbadmin delete catalog

Deletes the backup catalog on the local computer. Use this subcommand only if the backup catalog on this computer is corrupted and you have no backups stored at another location that you can use to restore the catalog.

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